LamX Playce Edition (2016)
Interactive Installation Artwork for Playce hotel in South Korea

A sparkling rain is falling down to Jeju island and your heart.

A light is falling down. The light bursts out and spread to every audience's heart and give an emotional turning point. Over 200 light bulbs are hanging vertically like a sparkling rain. Or it looks like musical notes on the score. Light is falling 'vertically(1)' and spreads like ripples(0).

Audience enjoys to interact and play with the Light, one of God's creations at the beginning of the universe. Often they gave a feedback they experience one of the beautiful moments in their life with the physical light bulbs installation merged with digital ripples in Play Mode and two dramatical light shows in Show Mode. The physical lights and digital lights follow your motion simultaneously in Play Mode.

Outstretching beyond your imagination is what you can feel from this installation art in person. There are several exhibitions with LamX in South Korea and New York, and many people enjoyed it. Anyone who met LamX didn't stop playing with it. They were really enjoying to touch the beyond.LamX, especially this LamX Playce Edition gives much richer experience than other LamX Editions. It makes any space to a delightful playground and highly enjoyable light show space. Or it makes any space to a peaceful shelter.

LamX Playce Edition has been installed in the reception space in December 2016, where all visitors should visit to stay the Playce Hotel. I decided to install LamX in my works for the reception space where is the first place of the hotel to all visitors since LamX has lots of positive sides and very enjoyable.

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