LamX 램쓰 had been installed at Asia Culture Center in Gwangju, Korea during ISEA2019, 25th International Symposium on Electronic Art. I'm honored to participate the exhibition with many famous artists from the world. LamX successfully presented its positive message to visitors from all around the world. It was pleasant time to be an artist there and watch visitors to play with LamX.
Light . Joy . Playground

광주 국립아시아문화전당 Asia Culture Center
문화창조원 복합5관 2019년 6월 22일 - 7월 28일
ISEA2019 Special Exhibition - Lux Aeterna 룩스 아테나 - 영원한 빛
25th International Symposium on Electronic Art
ISEA2019 계기 기획특별전 Special Exhibition
Hosted/Organized by 아트센타 나비 Art Center Nabi

Sponsored by 과학기술정보통신부, 한국과학창의재단, 주한 프랑스대사관, 주한 프랑스문화원, 일본국제교류기금 서울문화센터
Partners - ISEA2019, ISEA International
Lux Aeterna (Eternal Light)

A topic inspired by the literal meaning of the host city Gwangju, “City of Light”, includes subcategories embracing complex themes that allow open interpretations in culture, science, and history. For example, religiously, light implies divinity and immortality. Scientifically, it is an energy collection of particles and wavelength signals. It symbolizes the enlightenment and rationale in humanities. Also, the presence of light creates Umbra and Penumbra. In light of the fact that light is the most specific example of versatility in which various interpretations can occur, it will provide us with the context where cohesion of procedural logic based on the human sensibilities and technology of artistic inspirations is freely presented, which is in line with what ISEA has been pursuing.
Below video shows you overview of the special exhibition including my artwork. The video is presented by art center nabi.


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