iORGEL app for iPad/iPhone

Reminisce about your old memories! iORGEL is a digitally-reinvented music box for iPad and iPhone. Simply wind up the key and enjoy the beautiful songs. You can also create a new song and share it with the rest of the world.
My role : Creative Director(+AD), Design, Initial Idea and ideation, Creating video(shoot, edit...), Composing
* I already quit the company allm Interactive but they are still updating this app on behalf of me. So you can reach out to them by visiting, if you have any problems or feedback or concerns.
This is own product and service of allm Interactive where I worked before and I designed it with much love in 2010. I really love a music box (gears, mechanism, sounds, all of a music box) so I started to develop my ideas for this music box. I just wanted to create something unique app never shown before in the app store and I love.
This app has been featured on many sites, books and magazines. Taschen also included this project with my designs in their recent book 'The App & Mobile Case Study Book'.
Unfortunately I feel this app is still not going well in every aspect such as design and marketing since I left the company and stop to take care of this app. So sad. :( Hope they can give a breath of fresh air to make it rekindle.
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